Our orientation activities are intended to provide secondary school students with all the information they need to make an informed and responsible choice of their future university course.

If you wish to know more about our courses through direct contact with the school, you are most welcome to visit us and to make an appointment to meet the head of Orientation.

For further information you can also phone us at the school or e-mail us at info@ssmlto.it

Open Day Online

Per continuare a essere di supporto agli studenti nella scelta del percorso accademico, la SSML VITTORIA organizza

Open Day  e colloqui di orientamento individuale per gli studenti interessati a conoscere i corsi di laurea triennale o magistrale attivi presso la Scuola.

L’Open Day, durante i quali sarà possibile interagire ponendo domande al coordinamento didattico e ai docenti, si svolgerà nella sede della Scuola, a Torino, in via delle Rosine 14.

Per partecipare è necessaria l’iscrizione

Colloqui di Orientamento

I colloqui individuali con i responsabili dell’orientamento, per l’anno accademico 2022-2023, avverranno via Teams e sono previsti il 30 Novembre e il 7 Dicembre, a partire dalle ore 16.30.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate Degree In Language Mediation

To be admitted to the School, the student must be in possession of a secondary school Diploma or other qualification obtained abroad and recognized as equivalent by the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research and documented by a declaration of validity. A sufficient level of competence in languages is also required.

Admission requirements are:

  • sufficient knowledge of at least one of the following foreign languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian (for foreign students) – the level required for admission is B1;
  • comprehension skills: the student must be able to correctly understand the meaning of a text in a foreign language, to write a summary of and to answer questions about text content;
  • proficiency in morpho-syntactic and lexical aspects of Italian and an appropriate level of general education.

To enrol, students must be in possession of the above requirements and sit the entry test, prior to the course. The test is used only to orientate the students not as a selection tool. It consists of written and oral sections aimed at assessing the language skills and aptitudes of the candidates.

Master’S Degree In Interpreting And Translation

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree.


  • Candidates with an Italian Laurea Triennale L-11 or L-12 may be exempted from entrance tests provided their degree includes 24 ECTS or more for each language and the total amount of ECTS earned in literature or culture/civilization is not less than 36;
  • Candidates with other types of Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent degree) must have obtained at least 30 ECTS in each language they intend to study and at least 12 ECTS in the relative literature or culture/civilization.

Candidates who cannot prove to have earned the number of ECTS required as shown above must be able to prove they have a C1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in each language they intend to study or have an interview to evaluate their preparation for the program. The interviews are helin September. Candidates are invited to the interviews via e-mail at least 7 days before the the interview. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check their own e-mail.

Open Day

Alla avvenuta ricezione della prenotazione seguirà una nostra comunicazione con le istruzioni per il collegamento.

Colloquio di orientamento individuale

Alla avvenuta ricezione della prenotazione seguirà una nostra comunicazione con le istruzioni per il collegamento.