Didactics and school organisation


As a dynamic and independent institution, our School guarantees flexibility and accessibility to its users: the teachers are particularly attentive to educational problems and the school management provides its students with individual attention, offering them a welcoming and stimulating environment and guiding graduates into the professional world.

Our teaching staff consists of university researchers and scholars, accredited professionals, native speaker experts in language teaching and qualified tutors and teachers.

The teaching method is strongly focused on a pragmatic approach geared towards the development of skills and operational expertise. Particular attention is paid to the characteristics of the course subjects: language courses and both written and oral mediation are organized in different seminars taught to small groups of students with the same level of competence. These courses are complemented by cultural and theoretical subjects, always intended, however, to foster a strong interest in current real-world issues and to prepare students for the real and effective use of the knowledge and skills they are acquiring.

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